Hale CLT      Affordable Housing in Hale

 Hale CLT      Affordable Housing in

 Hale Village  Community  Land  Trust Limited 

The minutes of each of the meetings of the CLT can be accessed from the links at the foot of this page.

Unfortunately, the restrictions imposed to protect us all against the risk of catching the Covid-19 Corona virus have prevented us having the 2020 Annual General Meeting nor indeed any other members' meetings nor any public meetings.   

The exhibition which we have been organising (firstly on 7th November but now hopefully on 5th December) is intended to consult members, whilst complying with the restrictions, and also Parishioners who are not members with regard to our plans and designs for the community houses which we are hoping to build.   Any comments which we receive will be considered and taken into account where appropriate.

Apart from the proposed exhibition we will be consulting members on line by e-mail.

Special general meeting held on 3rd February 2018

public meeting held on 21st April 2018

members special general meeting held on 21st June 2018

Members' and public meetings held on 4th January 2019

Annual General Meeting held on 14th May 2019