Hale CLT      Affordable Housing in Hale


 Hale CLT      Affordable Housing in

 Hale Village  Community  Land  Trust Limited



Until recent years, Hale was a thriving multi-generational village, a community where people of all walks of life could live and support each other. A good proportion of families had roots in the area going back over many decades (or longer), but newcomers were always welcome too.


In common with so many villages, the rise in the cost of home ownership in the village has escalated out of all proportion compared with the average local earnings, so that it is now way out of the reach of most local people. Combined with the fact that the majority of the original social housing has been lost through the right to buy, this means that there is no alternative for many but to move away from the area where they have been brought up and lived all their lives.


Successive surveys of the village have identified that lack of affordable housing in the village was an issue and the need was established by a HARAH housing needs survey which was adopted by Hale Parish Council in 2018.


The CLT was born out of an awareness of this situation and a desire to try to alleviate the problem. Research into the various ways of working towards this showed that a Community Land Trust was the best available option, as it is the only way to ensure that housing can be available in perpetuity for local people, with no requirement to allocate based on local authority housing lists, or possibility of losing properties to the right to buy. It is a tried and tested model, used successfully by communities in many rural areas, including national parks.


Our aim is to build and manage a small number of affordable properties in the village of Hale, to allow people with close village connections to live in and contribute to the community. This may include, for example, those who grew up in the village, those who would like to move here to be close to relatives for caring or childcare reasons, or those working or providing services in the community.