Hale Village Community Land Trust Limited

Community Benefit Society registration number 7682

Minutes of Inaugural Special General Meeting held at Mayfield Farm, Hatchet Green, Hale, Fordingbridge, Hampshire on Saturday 3 February 2018 at 3 p.m.



Founding Members and Directors      1. William Stanley Templeton (Bill)

                                                            2. Brenda Anne Templeton (Secretary) (Brenda)

                                                            3. Robert William Aitken-Sykes (Robert)

                                                            4. Cylvean Elizabeth Lisle Aitken-Sykes (Cylvean)


1.         Apologies for absence:           None


2.         Bill produced to the meeting the Registration Acknowledgement and Rules and confirmed that the Society was formed and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority on 15th December 2017 with the four subscribers as the founding Members and first Directors of the Society.


3.         The options for opening a bank account for the Society were considered and the following arrangements were agreed unanimously:


            (A)      Number of Directors to be authorised to sign cheques on behalf of the Society would be any two Directors.


            (B)      It was confirmed that the Nationality of all the Directors is British.


            (C)      All of the Directors were happy to agree to authorise the bank to carry out credit checks on them if required.


            (D)      There was a discussion as to whether Lloyds Bank Plc is the best option. This bank has details of both Robert’s and Bill’s identity and signatures but not Brenda’ nor Cylvean’s. An alternative was HSBC and Robert and Cylvean have an account at the HSBC Salisbury branch and Brenda and Bill have accounts with the Ringwood branch. It was unanimously agreed that HSBC Bank Plc was the best option. Bill was authorised to contact Claire at the Bank’s Ringwood branch to put the arrangements in hand.


4.         Bill reported that Alison Ward, Technical Adviser for Community Land Trusts, had offered to come to Hale for a meeting with us on Monday 12th February 2018 at Folly Hill at 11.00 a.m. if convenient. Alternative possible date is Friday 23rd February 2018. These dates were considered and it was agreed that Monday 12th February would be fine. Cylvean has another commitment and will not be able to attend but she is happy for the meeting to go ahead without her and Robert will bring her up to date after the meeting.


Bill explained that Alison needs to see us and advise us as this is covered by the grant which was agreed by the National CLT Network. She will then report back to the National CLT Network. Bill is not sure exactly how the grant will work as he made a mistake in thinking the grant would cover Alison’s fee for the formation of the Hale Village Community Land Trust Limited when the grant was specifically for Technical Advice. The grant covers two sessions of technical advice worth £500.00 each so Monday will take up one. The second session might cover the formation but another grant application may be needed for this. The grant was time limited but the National CLT Network have agreed to waive this point. We were delayed by the fact that there were no Technical Advisers available and we had to get our own advice by visiting Wickham CLT and picking their brains about how a CLT is set up and how it works. We can discuss the mechanics of the grant system with Alison at the meeting.


Bill confirmed that the grant form will require us to give details of any Members’ special expertise which would be useful for the Community Land Trust. Robert confirmed that he had been Company Secretary for 22 Housing Associations in London prior to his retirement and has extensive knowledge of property management, he has been an expert witness in Tribunal cases and a Tribunal appointed Manager. It was agreed that this experience would be very helpful indeed. Bill is an experienced property Solicitor which also provides helpful knowledge and experience.


5.         The Members considered what aspects we need to cover with Alison Ward at the meeting and the following were agreed:


            (A)      Which grant application should we go ahead with. It may be necessary to apply to the National CLT Network to get Alison’s fee for the formation covered but if not the choice will be either a Stage III application to the National CLT Network or an application to the New Forest District Council. Bill has the forms for each.


            (B)      A grant application will need an estimate for planning fees. Should we ask planning consultants for a quote? The Consultants which Bill has in mind are those who dealt with the New Forest National Park Authority’s affordable housing development at Bransgore. Steve Avery, Executive Director (Strategy and Planning) of the New Forest National Park Authority has agreed to introduce us to these Consultants.


            (C)      How should we go about arrangements for Carter’s Close which is a possible site in the village but which belongs to the New Forest District Council? The e-mail from David Illsley, Policy Manager, New Forest District Council indicates that development of this site may be a possibility.


            (D)      The Members have it in mind to invite new members to join the Society and need to decide when this invitation should be issued. The recent public exhibition arranged by the Hale Parish Council revealed a high level of interest much of which was seeking to find out where the sites are. This information will not be available until the full report of the Housing Needs Survey is available. This is expected by the end of February from HARAH (Hampshire Alliance for Rural Affordable Housing). We have been offered the Hale Village Hall free of charge as the suitable venue for the public meeting.


6.         The Members considered the adopted Rules of the Society and in particular Rule 18.6 which required the resignation of the founding directors who were able to stand for reelection by the Members if they wished to do so. The Directors each in turn resigned as a Director and each confirmed that he or she was willing to stand for re-election by the Members. A vote then took place and each of the Members was duly appointed unanimously as a Director of the Hale Village Community Land Trust Limited.


7.         There being no other business the meeting was closed.