Hale Village Community Land Trust Limited

Draft minutes of Annual General Meeting held at Hale Village Hall

on Tuesday 14th May 2019 at 7.30 p.m.

Bill started the meeting by welcoming all the members who had attended the meeting on such a beautiful evening and thanked them for doing so.

Brenda confirmed that she had received apologies for absence from Helen Clark, Mark Clark, Marjaana Batterbury, Jack Ansell, Sally Raworth, Fiona Trim, Alison Bussey, Edward Grigg, James Grigg, Roger Chandler and Simon Budden.

Bill confirmed that he needed to apologise for the fact that the meeting was a few days later than it should have been because under the Rules it should have taken place by 3rd May 2019. This stemmed partly from the fact that we were keen to know the result of the Parish Council election before this meeting and partly because of the availability of the Hall as the venue.

He then referred members to the pictures of houses displayed in the hall and on the projector and explained that these were for them to consider. They were pictures semi-detached properties which is what we had in mind for the site at Folly Hill. The Architect had produced the Concept Plan which he introduced at our meeting on 4th January 2019. From the comments made at and after that meeting it had became clear that the concept plan was being construed as something more in that people were considering it as a definite plan of what was proposed. In fact the Architect is very keen to know what design we would favour generally in the Parish and he will do his best to produce plans accordingly.

Bill asked members to look at the pictures which are all identified with a number and to indicate on the sheets their choice of designs which they consider most appropriate for Hale. This information would then be taken into account by the Architect in drawing up a planning application.

The items on the agenda were then dealt with as follows:


1.         The minutes of First General Meeting held on 3rd February 2018 were approval by four members present at the meeting after such approval was proposed by Cylvean Aitken-Sykes and seconded by Robert Aitken-Sykes and approved unanimously.


2.         The minutes of the Special General Meeting held on 22nd June 2018 were approval by the members present at that meeting after such approval was proposed by Steve Whitmarsh and seconded by Simon Smith and approved unanimously.


3.         Bill presented the Directors Report confirming the following:

                      After the meeting in January 2019 the Directors had arranged a meeting with the Architect and Mr Steve Avery, Executive Director of Strategy and Planning of the New Forest National Park Authority when Mr Avery indicated that the Folly Hill site was suitable for two dwellings and not three.


                      After that meeting a decision was made to concentrate on the Folly Hill site which we thought we could proceed fairly quickly with and not to pursue our proposals for Carters Close which we thought would take much longer in view of the involvement of the New Forest District Council. After we had made this decision the New Forest District Council came back to us and confirmed that they had their own ideas for Carters Close and would be retaining control themselves.


                      We had then applied to New Forest District Council for a grant to cover an application for planning permission and were told that a formal decision by Hale Parish Council supporting the CLT and supporting the Folly Hill site as a site for affordable housing was required before a grant could be approved.


                      We pressed the Parish Council as much as we could but our hands were tied because we could not take part in discussions about affordable housing and the Parish Council was, in our view, being strung along by the Housing Consultative Group which has been considering the CLT for a year without coming up with any advice.


                      We then had a meeting with the non-CLT Parish Council members to try to make progress and at that meeting we were asked to prepare and produce a CLT Business Plan and other relevant documentation for consideration and the view was expressed that the CLT needed more members.


                      We produced a detailed Business Plan to the Parish Council on 17th March 2019. This has been under consideration by the Housing Consultative Group since and we have been waiting for a decision by the Parish Council

                                    (1)       Firstly as to whether it supports the CLT as a suitable organisation to provide affordable housing in the village. It is in fact the most suitable organisation but the Housing Consultative Group has been unwilling to admit this while at the same time being unable to suggest a more suitable one and

                                    (2)       Secondly whether it will accept the Folly Hill Site as a site for affordable houses. This site was offered by Brenda and Bill as a site for affordable housing because they knew that although a Housing Needs Survey in 2008 had confirmed a need for affordable housing and also support in the village for this the Parish Council had not been able to address this need because there were no sites available. They felt that by offering a site this time this obstacle would be satisfied.


                      The Directors have held the CLT proposals in abeyance as we cannot make any more progress until the Parish Council has made a decision. A new Parish Council has been elected and we are hoping that a decision will be made soon. Robert and Bill can now bring pressure from outside the Parish Council and will do so if necessary as the Housing Consultative Group has delayed enough.


                      We have managed to increase our membership to 37 but we do need to increase the membership further. There was some discussion among members who felt that there were many people in the Parish who were supportive of the CLT but who did not want to commit themselves to membership as they did not wish to take on this extra responsibility. It was felt that if we could convince them that membership did not involve that sort of commitment they would be willing to join.


Bill confirmed that unless he had forgotten something this brought members up to date.


4.         The next item on the agenda was the approval of the Accounts audited by Gary Adams. This was proposed by Catherine Whitmarsh and seconded by Gaby Lucas and approved unanimously.


5.         The next item was to consider either to adopt the Auditor exemption for the CLT or to appoint an auditor for this year. Gary Adams had agreed to act as auditor if required and it was proposed by Cylvean Aitken-Sykes and seconded by Robert Aitken-Sykes that Gary should be appointed. This was approved unanimously.


6.         Bill confirmed that there were no resolutions tabled by members for the AGM.


7.         The next item was the election of Directors. No-one had put themselves forward for appointment as a Director and all the present Directors who had been required to retire were willing to stand for re-election. It was proposed by Ian Moss and seconded by Gaby Lucas that they should be all be re-appointed. This was carried unanimously.


6.         Any other business.


Sloan Hickman asked whether Steve Avery of the National Park Authority was likely to welcome any progress which the CLT was able to make in the provision of affordable housing and Bill confirmed that the indications were that he would as he had been very supportive.


Gaby Lucas suggested that we should make a real effort to promote membership of the CLT. She would be willing to prepare an information sheet and to knock on doors to get new members as she was convinced that many people in the Parish were in support but reluctant to get involved as they thought they would be asked to spend their time on the project.


Jan Chandler confirmed that she would be willing to call on people in Forest Road to try to promote membership.


Bill asked members whether they wished to receive a copy of the draft Business Plan. He had not sent this to members as it was a long document but if anyone wanted to see it he was happy to copy it to them. It was agreed that he would copy it by e-mail to each member who could then decide whether or not to open and study it. He would also send out membership application forms and it was suggested that members should talk to their friends and try to persuade them to join as member,

            There being no further business the meeting was closed.